Dual Suspension, SuspensionsVR Series Front and Rear (VESPA)

VR Series Front and Rear (VESPA)

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VR Series, Valve system internal fluid control, significantly improve the performance, comfort, and durability of a suspension.

Designed for rider who demands for more. Race proven technology, inspired by racing team. Used also in PETRONAS CUBPRIX racing series.

Best used in pair of front and rear. And now we’re using this technology do on Vespa

Front 230mm , Rear 370mm, design and tested.

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RCB #Valvetech 

  • Provide better damping control, helps the suspension to maintain tire contract with the road and improve handling, stability, comfort and vibration from the road surface.

External piggyback reservoir tank.

  • Increase performance. By keeping the IFP and damper charge (usually nitrogen) away from the main body of the shock, heat build up over a long descent isn’t as much of an issue

Precision adjustable rebound and compression.

  • With precision dial for rider to adjust to best suit different riding conditions or preferences, allowing for a more personalized riding experience.

Piston ⌀35mm & Piston rod ⌀14mm

  • Bigger piston and piston rod size, boasting greater damping power for maximum impact management.

RCB #TG Coating piston

  • Smoother flow of a suspension and 3 X more durable than standard piston.

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230MM, 370MM