Brakes System, Brake PadS2-D2 GOLD SERIES BRAKE PAD


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Experience the seamless combination of luxury and performance as you embark on every journey. With the RCB S2-D2 Gold Series, safety and reliability are never compromised. Feel the confidence as you navigate sharp turns, sudden stops, and challenging road conditions, knowing that you have the ultimate braking solution at your command.

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World-class materials

The synergistic blend of Kevlar fiber, ceramic and red copper powder creates a harmonious fusion that translates into unrivaled stopping power, precise control, and exceptional durability. With each squeeze of the brake lever, feel the instant engagement and experience the seamless transition from speed to

Higher temperature tolerance

Engineered to push the limits, these premium pad boast an unrivaled temperature tolerance enhanced to a scorching 350 degrees! When the heat is on, these pads rise to the occasion, providing you with unyielding stopping power that remains consistent even in the most extreme conditions.

Innovative engineering

Upgrade your vehicle’s braking system with our cutting-edge brake pads featuring a special groove design. This innovative technology expels air and displaces water, effectively reducing the build up of
brake dust that can lead to brake fade. In addition, our advanced brake pads provide superior traction in wet conditions, ensuring optimal safety on the road.

Best in all aspects

Upgrade to the pinnacle of braking performance and durability. Say goodbye to mediocre stopping power and hello to the thrill of precise and long-lasting braking. Whether you’re tearing up the track, embarking on epic adventures, or conquering challenging terrains, these pads will rise to the occasion, providing you with unwavering performance that lasts.

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