DB-2 Pro

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Leaning on the huge DB-2 PLUS Success, DB-2 PRO has extended its stroke length by 3mm, which can provide a greater suspension travel range, contributing to improved stability and control for motorcycles during high-speed driving and sharp turns. To ensure the durability and performance of the spring, DB-2 PRO has also switched to high-quality Italy-manufactured spring. Additionally, the air bladder inside the DB-2 PRO gas tank has been replaced with a floating piston, offering more stable motion and response as it is not dependent on changes in gas pressure. This design can withstand more shocks and vibrations, resulting in more consistent damping performance.

DB-2PRO was tested and proven on track race by Maju Motor Racing Team, the DB-2PRO is definitely a performance enhancement.

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Piston ⌀46mm & Piston rod ⌀16mm

  • Bigger piston and piston rod size, boasting greater damping power for maximum impact management.

Forged head with alloy body & 360 degree rotatable hose

  • Forged head is typically more robust and durable compared to other manufacturing methods, and the 360-degree rotatable hose allows for more flexible installation and positioning of the shock absorber

Adjustable spring preload, compression & rebound

  • Fine-tune your motorcycle suspension’s damping settings for the ultimate riding experience.

Heat treated piston rod with gold coating

  • This specialized coating is 3X more durable and reduced friction for optimal efficiency.

IFP technology

  • Floating piston inside the shock absorber can provide a more stable motion and response because they are not dependent on changes in gas pressure. This can lead to more consistent damping performance. Piston are typically more durable than gas bladder air springs and can withstand greater impacts and vibrations.

Italy manufactured spring

  • The use of high-quality materials to ensure the durability and performance of the springs.

Extend stroke length 3MM

  • Extend stroke length can provide a larger suspension operating range, helping to improve vehicle stability and control when driving at high speeds or in tight corners

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