M2 Plus LINE

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M2 Plus Line is designed with bigger piston and piston rod for smoother flow and durability. Leaning on the huge M2 Line success, M2 Plus Line comes with an added 15 steps adjustable rebound function, and also upgraded the rubber bush to the steel bush. M2 Plus Line was tested and proven on the street, the M2 Plus Line is definitely a performance enhancement “must have”.

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Piston ⌀35mm&Piston rod ⌀12.5mm
• Bigger piston and piston rod size, boasting greater damping power for maximum impact management.

Steel monoshock bush
• Improved durability, and enhanced load carrying capacity.

Adjustable spring preload
• Adjustable spring preload allows riders to customize their suspension setup according to their preferences.

15 steps rebound adjustable level
• Fine-tune your motorcycle suspension’s damping settings for the ultimate riding experience.

(Premium Black – Heat treated piston rod with gold coating)
• Get the most out of your high-performance engine with titanium gold platted piston rod. This specialized coating is 3X more durable and reduced friction for optimal efficiency.

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